Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

Just to show you that some of Colorado is quite flat!

We had a bit of snow on Saturday and another light dusting yesterday.

The zoom is great for wildlife pictures. The elk all look a bit shabby this time of year as they loose their winter coats, I love the fuzzy new antlers.

Sharon honored me with a very nice award – Thank you Sharon!!

I’m planning to pass this award on in my next post.

A little more Yzma, I think she has grown, she is a good eater and is adjusting well to life here.


10 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

  1. Love the wildlife pictures! Looks your kitten is pretty active and busy. I just love kittens and cats. Congrats on the E award. You really do have a nice blog.

  2. I just love your pictures! The elk don’t even look real — and the fuzzy antlers are very nice! Yzma is adorable — such fun — but take lots of pictures because kittens become CATS over night!

  3. Your rocky mountain wednesday photos are always such a joy to look at! Thank you for continuing to share them.

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