loose ends

I’m trying NOT to show you what I’m stitching. Almost 11 months ago I offered a PIF with this post. I’m getting these finished (finally) but I don’t have an address for Staci who was the first to comment and be entered into my PIF last June. Staci, if you read this, please contact me with your address.


These just came in the mail. I love the colors in Blessed are the Peacemakers, the picture doesn’t even come close to showing you how pretty they are, even with my new camera!

Now for my nominations for Blog Excellence –


Ladies, your blogs are a treat to visit!!

There were many more but I stopped at five :0)

Jerry took the bigger boys to see Prince Caspian today. Everyone really enjoyed it except Tyler who forgot to take his glasses……..there are times……the less said the better……..

Bye for now!


5 thoughts on “loose ends

  1. Oh poor Tyler to forget his glasses! We want to see that movie BAD. Hope your weekend is a good one and snow-free by now. LOL Your mystery stitcing is lovely. I have Staci’s addy so will email it to you in case she hasn’t seen your post yet.


  2. Oh, I didn’t even realize this was at the theatres yet! Must watch for its arrival here in the Netherlands…

    Your ‘mystery project’ looks good – wink, wink! 😉

  3. Mary Kathyrn you are just too kind! Thank you! I always feel that my blog is so boring and it’s nict to know other’s like-oh my now I am sounding like Sally Field-lol

    Whatever you are stitching on-looks really pretty!

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