long weekend

I’m very happy to say I’ve finished Rites of Spring from Blackbird Designs (Loose Feathers #30) – I love the colors. I’m rounding up the things I plan to use on the finish I have in mind – this one isn’t going to be framed.

I started a little Quaker which I badly scorched when I pressed it this evening. This is the second time this has happened to me using Weeks Linen – be VERY careful when you press projects on this fabric!!! I think I will finish the current motif I’m stitching on this and then make a little pincushion from it – very disappointing, I didn’t want this to be a distressed looking project, Jerry suggested dying it with tea, but I really liked how it looked BEFORE I scorched it!

Today has been a dark, dark, rainy day. We went on a mountain drive on Saturday and I took these photos. You can see the snow is still pretty deep, I’m sure they got more today! I’m in allergy agony right now – my meds are knocking me out most the day and now I think I’ll be up half the night – I’m off to stitch.


20 thoughts on “long weekend

  1. Your Rites of Spring is so beautiful. I love the colors in that one. You have a good start on your other one too. I wouldn’t worry about the Scorched part on your material. It looks like you have dyed the material with Tea.

    The pictures of the Mountains are so pretty – even with the snow on them. Hopefully the snow will go away and stay away. It’s time for Spring/Summer.

    Take care & Happy Stitching

  2. Beautiful finish! I can’t wait to see how you finish-finish this one, you are so creative with your finishing.

    Thanks for the tip with the Weeks linen – yikes!

  3. Wow, Mary Kathryn, your Rites of Spring is beautiful. You put me to shame as I haven’t even started mine yet and I had every intention of keeping up with them and being ready to start the next one when it comes out!

  4. What a pretty design that BBD is! I have seen it several times (never finished) and have always thought it was kinda nice, but wow – those colors really are beautiful. Hmmmm….
    Your new design looks quite pretty too, sorry about the scorching – ouch!
    As always, I adore your photos – what an amazing view. I hope your allergies start to feel better. Seems everyone here has been suffering too.

  5. That’s a gorgeous finish! So sorry about the scorched linen. Though I think it looks perfectly fine “distressed” I can understand your distress at the unwanted discoloring.

    That is some serious snow! Good luck with the allergies, too.

  6. Your Rites of Spring looks beautiful ! I have been working on this one in rotation with my LHN SIL. Sorry about your project, and thanks for the tip. I have some of this fabric but have not stitched on it as of yet.

    Valerie from CT

  7. Your Rites of Spring turned out very nice! What is the Quaker pattern you are stitching? I wouldn’t worry about the scorched fabric. I think it still looks vey nice =)

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