stitches n stuff

Cathy was my partner for the 4th of July Fair & Square exchange and she sent me a beautiful package! I need to get back to my friendship bean bag project now that I have a new one for my collection – thank you Cathy!!

I had hopes of finishing up my Lady Washington Sampler from the Sampler Girl in honor of Martha’s 277th birthday yesterday – I fell a bit short of that goal. It seems like I’ve been stitching this one for ages – I love working on it, I get distracted easily!

Amber was over last night and brought me this fun candy bar from our favorite kitchen store. I have been nibbling on it all day and it is yummy! Don’t you love the little pig?

To Monique – yes the snow plows are enormous! These poles that are all along the roadside are markers for the snowplow drivers to let them know where the edge is. This road is only open about 4 months a year because the snow is too deep to plow the rest of the year.

Winter Park, CO

Some other responses to questions:

Barbara – there are spots where the snow doesn’t melt in the higher elevations, I’m always a little sad when the mountains loose that snow-topped look. We can see the ‘Never Summer’ mountains here, as you can guess, they often have a bit of snow.

Linda K – the designer for the Anne Elliot project I did is Little House Needleworks, the title is Abigal Winslow.

Melissa – thanks for the tag.

6 Random things about me –

1. I had two broken legs at the same time
2. I’ve been a large snake handler on television
3. I’ve driven cars at the GM proving grounds
4. I’ve known my husband since I was 14 years old
5. I have a birthmark on my face
6. I don’t like red meat

I would like to tag 6 people but this post is already way too long.

I will draw a name for the fabric and announce it Friday so if you still want to enter look for the Dear Diary Modified post.


10 thoughts on “stitches n stuff

  1. Love your Martha sampler, it’s gorgeous! And can’t wait to see more of the F&S bean bags…you inspired me to buy extra lentils at the store (which I’ve yet to use or eat, lol!)

    Did you get any pics of timberline??

  2. Hello darling:

    Always I want to relax, I come to your blog. Is fantastic, original and beautiful. Thank you very much for your city pictures, are terrifics! wow!

    Specials regards!

  3. I LOVE your Lady Washington Sampler Mary Kathryn and your exchange from Cathy is lovely.

    Your snow pictures in your previous post are spectacular!

  4. Cathy’s package is super! LOVE it πŸ™‚ And I’m anxious to see the addition to your friendship bean bag project! I thought of stitching that pattern as well…but I’ve already stitched it like 4 times…so chose something else πŸ˜‰
    MW WIP is just looking great Mary Kathryn!

  5. Wow, you work on the Martha sampler makes me wish I’d splurged and ordered when Tanya was including one with orders over $25. Beautiful!!

    And your FS package is great, too. πŸ™‚

    But your random facts – wow! – still waters run deep! πŸ˜‰

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