Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

Today’s theme : Wildlife

In the first picture there is a very impressive elk on the extreme right edge of the photo, I took this while we drove down the road and was really trying to take a photo of the mountains, I realized the elk was in the shot when I downloaded my photos. You can see lots of dead pine trees, it is really awful on the western slope right now due to Mountain Pine Beetles. You can read about it here.

I yelled, “stop the car!” when I saw all these American White Pelicans on the lake (Grandby). I’m used to spotting two of these at a time but wow!! According to What Bird – A group of pelicans has many collective nouns, including a “brief”, “pod”, “pouch”, “scoop”, and a “squadron” of pelicans. I think this definitely qualifies as a squadron.

There were actually 5 moose in the same spot here, it was impossible to get them all in one photo. I still haven’t seen a man moose!

Finally, here is a little wildlife-my house. Yzma looks less like a kitten and more like a tiny cat now. She has one tiny white spot on her shoulder and her tail has a bit of a stripe to it. Her favorite pastime is lurking under furniture waiting for an ankle to savage.

10 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

  1. Beautiful picture, Mary Kathryn. I love the “squadron” of Pelicans.

    Don’t you just love how you can spend a small fortune on cat toys but they will always love a box and a paper bag more than anything. 🙂

  2. We saw moose once in a great while when I lived in Maine. I only saw the females (does?) but my mom once saw a female with twin calves! My family never saw a male moose, but from what I’ve heard from those who have, that’s a good thing. Apparently dumb and agressive is as bad a combination in moose as it is in people.

    The pelicans are GREAT!!

  3. Squadron is a perfect description of all the pelicans. What gorgeous pictures. Your wildlife is stunning. Yzma is just too darling. She’s absolutely beautiful Mary Kathryn.

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