fabric n threads

First of all, the Random Number Generator kicked out #33, so Mel in Dubai is the winner of the fabric from the Anne Elliot post. It seems we all agree that the Laconia is sailing home and there are happier days ahead for Anne :0)

Here is my Blackbird Designs – Rites of Spring made into a stitcher’s pocketbook (I’m sure there is another name). I had thought about using some cording on the edges but in the end liked the more simple look on the outside. The rest of the design continues around to the back.

I did a bit of shopping here last week. My order came in so I’m ready to get a gift for a stitching friend ready . . . more later.

Finally, here is the main square I did for Cathy for the 4th of July Fairy & Square exchange.

We have had two solid days of rain, today the sun is out and there is new snow on the mountains! It was beautiful when I went out for groceries this morning.


21 thoughts on “fabric n threads

  1. I absolutely LOVE your Rites of Spring finish! You are so creative with your sewing skills. I have just started sewing after many years and I am looking forward to trying new ways to finish my stack of finished pieces. I find lots of inspiration on your blog =)

  2. **Stunning!!** What a perfect finish.
    I really love Susan Branch, I used her Book of Days last year and it was fun. Didn’t realize she did fabric – thanks for the link!

    Did you follow any particular finishing instructions or just intuit your needlebook? I have always wondered how to see the ribbons on without going through to the other side of the fabric . . .

  3. I absolutly LOVE your finish that you did. It is beautiful. You are very talented.

    Also your sqaures are so cute. I had fun in this round of the F&S It was my first time and I really enjoyed it.
    Take Care

  4. Your Stitcher’s Pocket/Pocketbook/wallet looks awesome! I love all the little touches you added and what a neat idea to take “Rites of Spring” and turn it into such a handy little piece. Nice job!

  5. Its the perfect finish for that design – youe stitching and finishing is always so awesome.
    Thanks or the link to that wonderful website – its right up my street, I only hope that they send internationally, (or maybe not as I want to spend a fortune LOL!)

  6. Just lovely! You were right……cording would have changed the whole look of the case……..and it’s perfect the way it is. Now I want to get one started for myself.

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