wall or not?

I’ve finished up Bless Our Home from Country Cottage Needleworks. This is stitched with 1 strand of floss over 2 on 35ct lambswool linen. I did change the brown to Crescent Colour Little House Brown because it went better on this linen.

I’ve added some fabric borders and very inexpertly done a bit of machine quilting…now the question is, should I make this into a pillow or perhaps a wall hanging. I’ve tried it on the wall and it doesn’t look too bad. I don’t have a lot of things on my walls, but I do have a fair bunch of pillows – I think I’ve pretty well talked myself into a wall hanging.

Did you see my little stitched Yzma? I borrowed the design for this kitty from Country Cottage Needleworks’ Summer Garden.

At this very moment Miss Yzma is being very naughty. She has taken to climbing the drapes and pouncing on my keyboard when I type. I have a handy little spritzer bottle to give her a squirt with water when she is bad, but that doesn’t work too well around my laptop!


23 thoughts on “wall or not?

  1. Bless Our Home looks wonderful! I love the addition of the kitty. I do think it would be stunning as a wall hanging.

    I feel for you with the cat climbing the drapes. My kitty did the same thing and actually ruined the drapes (they were sheer.) I think having pets is like having more children!

  2. Hi Mary Kathryn! It has been a while since I visited you as life was focused on the Holland get together. I love your latest finish and would go for a wallhanging but it sounds like this is your thoughts too. I love your new little kitten and the fact he has been added to this needlework. Where does the name Yzma come from? Congratulations on a super finish!

    Hugs ~

  3. Hi! That is absolutely lovely! You just amaze me with your beautiful stitching and your clever way of making a finish. You are an inspiration…

    Myrna 🙂

  4. I’m going against the grain and voting for a pillow! I was just in Franktown, CO last week to visit my sister. It was very chilly Wed and Thurs and a snow advisory was in affect in the mountains. Got home Friday and it was 92! Just LOVE your blog. Brings me closer to my sister.

  5. I think it would look great as a wallhanging. The cross stitch piece is really nice, and the fabrics you framed it with set it off nicely. Gives me some ideas for a couple of wallhanging projects!

  6. I found your website googling Bless Our Home, I want to cross stitch it for my sister, who’s husband is in the military, and they have a grey cat like that too. Such a cool idea!

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