Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

rmw 611b

rmw 611c

rmw 611d

rmw 611e

rmw 611f

These photos are all from the Grand Lake and Grandby area.

It was a bit chilly today. The sun would peek out now and then. I don’t mind at all. It is supposed to be a bit warmer here tomorrow, but I’m headed to higher elevations so it may be even cooler than it was here today.

I was at the book shop looking for some Father’s Day gifts and bought myself a new book, you can see it on the far right column down near the bottom. It has been on my ‘to read’ list since it first came out. I read about 50 pages while I was waiting to pick up kids today, very enjoyable. I was really tempted by two David McCullough books, this one and this one. I need to finish a few books on my bookshelf before I visit the book shop again I think!


4 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

  1. Your pictures are just amazing – so is the cross stitch. It’s my calming passion.
    I had to look at the date several times to make sure it was JUNE 2008, there is still quite a bit of snow your way.

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