a very windy day

day d

Most of the day the sky looked like this! I had to run to the Doctor’s office which as I’ve mentioned before is in my favorite town. Ethan and I dressed for a hike but the minute we got out of the car the wind almost knocked us over – no hiking (or what passes for hiking with a 5 year old).

day b

day a

So…we went to one of my favorite shops. Everyone is so friendly and when you walk in the door they serve you a delicious drink in a china cup and saucer with little tea cookies. Today’s drink was Wild Raspberry Chai Amore – mmmmm!

day c

When we came out of the shop the sky looked like this, and by 1:40 it was snowing! I’m glad we weren’t hiking!

day e

day f

I did bring these home with me and a bag of chai – hiking would have been easier on my pocketbook!

I’ve almost finished up another WIP!!


12 thoughts on “a very windy day

  1. I just love visiting your blog which I do two or three times a week. I love the photos (you live in a veritable paradise…I suppose you know that) of the beautiful scenery and your variety of stitching projects. Last year I asked you to post your pie crust recipe which you did. I’ve used it many times for quiche and other pastries, most recently blackberry cobbler from blackberries grown in my friend’s backyard.
    I will continue to lurk and learn from your innovative site. Thank you for taking the time to maintain it so those who are not so computer literate can enjoy.

  2. I absolutely love to visit your blog! Your photos are always great. The first one has the bluest sky I have ever seen. And, well, the shop is fantastic — I wish I could visit. I love the pink lawn chairs. We had chairs like that when I was growing up and I remember that no matter how hot it was outside, those chairs were always a cold shock to the bottom when you first sat down. The quilt fabric is fantastic! I have restricted my stash buying for a while so I am relishing in yours! Great post!

  3. Such beautiful photos! Sorry about the wind, but it appears the day was not a loss. Now, I just need to commission you to make me one of those beautiful quilts in those wonderful soft, pale, comforting colors.

  4. The pictures are breathtaking! I can’t imagine snow as I am here in Florida in 90 degree weather. And that shop!!!! I’m drooling! Your samplers are breathtaking, too! Just love everything I see here. So glad I found your blog today. It is a delight!


  5. Your pictures are always so crisp looking. It is just like being there standing beside you seeing what you are seeing. I often call my son over to the computer to see some of your nature photos.

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