blue cheese a

blue cheese b

Jerry is taking a photography class and learning lots about my new camera, here are two photos he took this morning. 

We are celebrating Father’s Day for Jerry a day early.  Long story that involves a ball to the head (Jerry’s) at baseball last night and possible fractured jaw, I just wish I had been there when they applied the Otter Pops for first aid, apparently they couldn’t find ice packs.

blue cheese d

Here are some of the gifts the boys gave their dad – the cheese is Cotswold with Onion & Chive.  My gift is a day of golf.

blue cheese e

To make this a worthwhile post I had to add some stitching. I hoped to have this finished by now but have had scarcely any time to stitch the past couple days. I plan to squeeze some in today.  I’ve changed this design a bit as I want to either include Jane Austen’s initials and date or the book title under the verse.  Oh, this is the Northanger Abbey Sampler from the Sampler Girl.

blue cheese c

Now for the bleu part.  I read about this delicacy at Missy’s blog!  Tyler and I give this a BIG thumbs up.  Everyone else made gagging sounds (they don’t like olives anyway) and Ethan ran out of the kitchen.  By the way this is Cashel Bleu Cheese – I couldn’t resist.


12 thoughts on “bleu

  1. MK I thought the title of the post was refering to the beautiful blue skies,but blue cheese is good too 🙂 What a great picture of that bee.
    I hope his jaw is not fractured that would be the pits,but a good day on the golf course help.
    Wonderful WIP. Really like it 🙂
    ((HUGS)) and Happy Stitching

  2. The roses are gorgeous and to catch the bee buzzing around, wonderful.
    Where is the quilt shop you visited? Looks like a nice one.
    Send us some of the snow.
    Hot in Texas.

  3. What beautiful photographs! I hope the recovery for Jerry goes well! That’s terrible! I got hit in the head with a hockey puck one night when I was out watching DH play. I was given a bottled Guiness to put on the wound. I would have rather had an Otter Pop 🙂

  4. Such beautiful photos! Poor Jerry – I hope he’s feeling better.
    I can’t wait to see how you finish the picture – it looks so beautiful.

  5. We loves olives and we love bleu cheese, but I’ve never tried them together. Must remedy that situation!

    Love the photos. Is the bee really there, or is it added in? What incredibly good timing to catch it in the photo!

    And your version of Tanya’s design is looking so lovely that I want to get that chart out and start on it right now. But bookmarks call …

  6. That’s one thing I miss about moving away from Melbourne – we used to buy olives stuffed with blue cheese from the deli in the city markets … hmmmm, never thought about doing it myself!! 😉

    Great photos by Jerry – hope his head recovers quickly! 🙂

  7. Oh No!!! What a terrible way to spend Father’s Day~~hope that he isn’t in too much pain and will be ok soon!

    Love your new WIP! And that little bunny pincushion in your photo is so adorable!

  8. What a fantastic photo of the bee in flight! I do hope Jerry’s jaw is only bruised. You didn’t mention broken teeth, so THAT’s a miracle. I’m sitting here with a/c sitting on 80 – and still running way too much, lights off with the only light coming through the shaded window trying to save as much as possible on an electric bill that will be horrendous. It’s only mid-June and we’ve had July temps all month. Father’s Day it was 101. :[ I don’t run errands until almost or after dark. It hasn’t rained in weeks, and I’ve have got to water or lose my drought tolerant ground cover. My maple tree is already beginning to lose leaves. I only watered the yard twice all last year. I do so hope you know how very LUCKY you are to live with such beautiful scenery year round. It may not be cooler all the time, but certainly you win on the picturesque front!! I have GOT to get me a mountain! 🙂 Greetings to all, and happy mountain summers!

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