done & to do

The pictures in the previous post are not altered at all except that I cropped the edges off the one with the bee in flight to help make the bee the center of focus there. My camera has a feature that lets you take 5 very fast photos automatically. Jerry used this to get such good photos of the bee. You can see more of his photos here. These are for a photography class at Colorado Christian University so there are lots of the same type shots.

Unfortunately since Jerry is hogging MY camera til class is done (you never know when you might have to take a photo in the middle of the work day), I had to make do with my sad sorry old camera today for the following pictures.

d and d a

To to – New LHN thread pack series
Little Women, the first one “Quilting” is darling!!

d and d c

d and d d

d and d e
I am done with the Northanger Abbey Sampler from The Sampler Girl, I’ve added it to my little collection of finishes that need frames for my Jane Austen Sampler collection.  I’ve also made a small start on Mrs. Darcy from Derbyshire, I was the model stitcher for this design and have wanted to stitch this again in Carrie’s Threads, after I make a bit more progress, I’ll try to take a better photo (with MY new camera).  More Jane Austen designs.


9 thoughts on “done & to do

  1. Mary Kathryn, You do inspire me! That new Quilting design looks so precious and I love how you show it on a quilt for the background. I so love all the Jane Austen stitching. I have got to make that a goal of mine because I so want those designs to cover the walls in my wee little book nook. Your photos are lovely with or without your new camera.

  2. Hi Mary Mary Kathryn, I just love seeing your stitching and finishing! As usual they are just beautiful. I really live the Northanger Abbey – I’m going to have to look into getting this design. Thanks for sharing!

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