hiding in the garden

garden stitch 6

garden stitch 2

garden stitch 3

garden stitch 5

garden stitch 4

garden stitch

I did NOT get to start the Cinderella Sampler. It has been one heck of a weekend. Who could imagine that Jerry and I would both loose the keys to our vehicles on the same day. I lost my car keys somewhere at the library at about 11am Saturday, and Jerry lost the key to his truck at Sam’s Club at about 4 in the afternoon when he was doing our monthly food run.  It has been more than 20 years since I locked myself out of my car (I locked my keys and Amber in the car when she was about 18 months old and had to call the police, she is going to be 23 this year).  I don’t ever remember Jerry being locked out of his car before.

It has just been one thing after another like this all weekend long. I feel like hiding in the garden! Most of my garden is in containers, or needs to be put into a container except for the 8 rose bushes around the back lawn and the great bunches of lavender that have crept under the fence from the neighbor’s garden (I love lavender so don’t mind one bit). I’ve done really well in the dandelion war this year but I’m not faring well against the thistle. Maybe I’ll just pick one of these great Garden projects to stitch!  (I also put up a new hummingbird feeder – no takers yet.)

We had trout for dinner that Jerry and Kellen caught on their camping trip. I took some photos but this just doesn’t seem the place to display dead fish. I did make some yummy Bean Salsa so I’ll share that instead. I would show you the fresh chocolate chip cookies and raspberries we had for dessert, but they have been devoured.


4 thoughts on “hiding in the garden

  1. I’m sorry about your keys! That is an awful feeling — my daughter did it just a few months ago and had to cancel a drs. appointment because of it. On the bright side though, you have lovely photos — your garden looks very nice and I love the flowers — inspires me to get with the gardening program. Looks like you have your needlework cut out for you. With all those great charts, I wouldn’t be able to drag myself away. Have a great week!

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