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These fun squares arrived in the mail today from Jen. I love the colors and the pretty threads she sent along – thank you Jen! As soon as I hear she has the ones from me I’ll show you what else I’ve been busy stitching lately.

I ran to Borders to pick up a book Tyler said he’d like to read and also came home with a magazine I can never resist.

I tried my hand at distressing some cream Newcastle linen, I couldn’t get a good photo tonight, I think I need to adjust my ISO or something. Jerry’s gone to bed and I don’t want to wake him up for camera advice. I will try again tomorrow, it looks like something I’d use in this light, I hope it still does in the morning. The pretty little box is something I couldn’t resist at Michael’s tonight.

Our three oldest kids are booked for 11 days in Michigan shortly. We finalized the plane tickets tonight. Aunt Janet is being very generous with her frequent flyer miles – I know they will have the best time at her house and get to see all their grandparents too.


4 thoughts on “somethings new

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing your progress on Cinderella. I ordered it from ABC Stitch last Saturday, but they have to re-order. What kind of threads and fabric did it require?

  2. Oh everything looks so wonderful! I am going to look for that magazine as it looks like it would be full of delightful photos for me to linger over. How fun for the kids to be taking that trip too. Those squares are just precious and the colors are yummy! And I am just loving that box from Michael’s too.

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