yesteryear 2

and Little House Neighborhood. The UPS man was here early enough for me to get these back to the post office for customers with a minute to spare! The fabric these are laying on is the 18th Century Stone for Yesteryear.

Here is a personal yesteryear photo for Suzann’s enjoyment. Mary Kathryn the snake wrangler! This is for a local television show called PM Detroit I think – many years ago! The snake is a python named Max, the other person in the picture is named Andy I think – it has been a while (check out those glasses). I actually spent about a month with Max and took him for rides in the car and carried him around the office.


6 thoughts on “yesteryear

  1. Mary Kathryn – Look at that snake! I wouldn’t be in the same room as one let alone touch it. Icky. But, I must give credit to you as you are one daredevil of a gal for sure. OOOOH the charts are here, the charts are here. ::dancing a jig::

  2. Kudos to you for holding the snake. I sure wouldn’t have done that, but I guess you just never know =)
    I am so excited that the charts are now on their way! Maybe mine will get here this weekend!

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