Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

rmw 625d

rmw 625c

rmw 625e

rmw 625f

rmw 625b

rmw 625a

Today was warm and hazy. It looked like it would rain several times but the clouds just passed over. I forgot to take my camera with me this morning, I took it this afternoon and realized I didn’t have my memory card, so I could only take a few pictures on the internal memory.

Kellen spent this afternoon with his friend, he has a few cows for neighbors. I borrowed one of Jerry’s photos (the balloon) since mine are so poor today.

I made a little stop after I went to the post office, I want to make one of the pillows on that cute magazine I picked up a few days ago.


4 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

  1. Ooooh…It does look hazy out there today. Love those cows – how cool is that! I miss seeing open fields and farm animals. How fun that you went to the quilt shop today! I can’t wait to see the pillows you make. Love hubby’s picture of the hot air balloon too.

  2. I’m a cloudwatcher so I love pictures of clouds – these are lovely. I could stare at clouds all day. Ours have been so puffy this week – so pretty!


  3. Hello,
    I am Debbie, from the Netherlands and I found your blog some weeks ago. I love to make the journey with you through the Rocky Mountains, wich I hope to see sometime in my life for real. I wish I could come to America, but until then this is just as good. I also love the cross-stitching and quilting thingies, I love to make that too.
    With warm greetings,

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