treats and more JA

more ja a

more ja

more ja b

(model photo)

Just waiting for the last Sweet Treats thread pack from Country Cottage and I’ll be set to fill a little basket with these. I miscounted on Ice Cream so it looks like it is melted a bit, but that makes mine unique, right?

It is nice to have a little something extra on your sewing table sometimes. There is a bird feeder just outside the window – cat TV!

I know I hardly need to start yet another project but I went ahead and kitted up In the Garden with Jane Austen. I plan to stitch this as a sampler – not a bag. I’ve added this project to my webshop blog projects page. The perfect thread keep for this project is from Monique’s Etsy shop.

We brought home carry-out from a Chinese restaurant we hadn’t tried before after church – very tasty!!


11 thoughts on “treats and more JA

  1. Hi,
    your sweet treats are so pretty! Loves the fabric colour u have chosen, it brings out the ‘sweetness’ of this design.
    Looking forward to check out your last sweet treats.

  2. I’m thinking your ice cream looks just fine! That kitty of yours is surely a hoot – looking out the window, kitties just crack me up! I can’t wait to see that Jane Austen as a sampler as opposed to the bag, such a great idea.

  3. There is something so relaxing yet so inspiring about your blogs. I love to look at your needlework. And the kitty — well, what can I say — so adorable and cuddly — and little! Don’t you wish they could stay that way! Have a great week!


  4. What a good idea to stitch “sweet treat” separatly !! I am working mine on one piece 32 ct Mocha Vintage (I am addict to this fabric !!!), I will send to you a picture soon.
    Your cat is at the right place 😉

  5. i love it that your frosting melts
    i am always amazed by the lovely works you produce and share for blog reader consumption :0)
    the sheer volume is amazing
    and the stitching always beautifully wrought
    nice to know that you are okay with an errant dab of frosting
    i think its great

  6. MK, I purchased Monique’s threadkeeper also and happened to blog mine today, too! And I have been wanting to stitch Tanya’s beautiful design as a sampler as well, so ‘great minds think alike.’ 🙂 Your little sweet treats look so cute, I can’t wait to see them all in a basket.

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