squares, pillows, and books

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Some things I’ve sent out in the past week or so. First my Squares to Jen. This is a Shepherd’s Bush design, I sent along a skein of Beehive Weeks Dye Works floss and a JABC tiny bee button.

Next, my PIFs from a year ago. I mailed these needle pillows on the 365 day deadline, nothing like waiting til the last minute. These are from BrightNeedle’s Eastertide Sampler. I thought it would be fun to send everyone something that was connected in some way, so they all have a bit of the same sampler. I hope everyone who signed up enjoys my little PIF gift and that the project is still going foward with other stitchers.

I had a chance to pick up two books on my TO READ list at quite a savings so I couldn’t resist, now I just need to find time to read them.


18 thoughts on “squares, pillows, and books

  1. Mary Kathryn,
    I am such a fan of Shepherd’s bush and your stitching is just the perfect summer addition to anyone’s home. Your PIF’s are just precious and will be a treasure and a blessing to all who are the lucky recipients. Some interesting reading appears to be in your near future too!

  2. Very nice F&S squares. I just received a SB “Be” series leaflet in a recent exchange, they are great designs.

    I LOVE the Pin Pillow PIF’s~ great idea!

  3. Oh Mary Kathryn! The PIF gifts are just too cute! I am sure everyone will love their tiny pillows. I have to remember this idea for things like birthday gifts. You have done a great job once again.

    Hugs ~

  4. Thanks for the drawing. That is a neat way to perk interest in this next big project from Lizzie Kate. I need to stitch faster and get the last one done.

  5. How cute are your new things. I do like the Q snap, sorry you pinched your hand.
    Love the Rocky Mountain picture with the snow it is cooling me off already.
    Happy 4th.

  6. Am I too late for the draw? Can never work out the time differences! If not please enter me in your draw. If I am too late – c’est la vie!

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