red, white, & blue

rwb b

rwb c

rwb a

Happy 4th of July!

Here is a patriotic finish from ages and ages (and ages) ago. I stitched this when Tyler was a baby so it is probably about 16 years old.

A little more red white a blue…it is hot, very hot, today. Jerry played in an exhibition vintage baseball game for a nearby town’s centennial celebration this afternoon. I tried to avoid the oven but ended up baking a batch of Amber’s favorite cookies. I’ve been trying to stitch today but the firecrackers going off in the street are a bit distracting. The street is already filling up for fireworks that start in about 3 hours. We have a nice view from our back yard, so the green-way behind us is a popular place for watchers.

I’m headed to the store in a bit for some bug candles and ice-cream for the show!

PS – I’m gearing up for a summertime inventory reduction sale at the webshop!

11 thoughts on “red, white, & blue

  1. LOVE the bears. Those raspberries look yummy, but oh my those cookies look delicious!! I hope that you and the family enjoy a wonderful 4th!! I’ll be on the look-out for your summer reduction sale.

  2. Oh no, a sale?! You’re too big of a temptation!!

    Those raspberries bring back lots of happy memories of my grandparents, who grew them. I ate them by the pound, I swear! 😉

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