Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

rmw 79a

rmw 79g

rmw 79f

rmw 79e

RMW 79c

rmw 79b

I feel like a broken record here telling you yet again how hazy the days have been. It it that time of summer when it rains or looks like it will any minute – every afternoon. As you can see we still have a bit of snow here and there. I need to get out earlier in the day for pictures next week. I’ve included two backyard bird pictures. I love the young robin on the fence.

Wednesdays have turned into the busiest day of my week – and then some. The bigger boys all have youth group activities and lessons and practices each at their own time and place. I’m in the car more than I’m out. Happily this is Jerry’s last day of class for the summer so that will mean I won’t be the only shuttle bus driver! The two big boys are in Michigan for the next two Wednesdays which will be a very nice break from some of the chaos.

I will be posting a link here tomorrow morning to the Summer Inventory Sale at my web shop for my blogging friends to have a sneak peek. The official link will be at my website Friday.

Time to hop in the car again!


3 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

  1. My goodness those photos are amazing. The mountain scene with the houses in front of them is just unbelievable. The bird on the fence is just stunning! Thomas has loved birds since he could hold his head up and he has sparked a deep interest in me as well.
    I feel for you with the shuttling – I don’t miss that one bit.

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