sweet tea!

tea a

tea b

tea c

Barbara sent me this beautiful little bag! I was so surprised. It is so beautifully sewn. Thank you Barbara, it’s just perfect especially since I’ve begun a deep interest in stitched things with a tea theme…

…sort of like this sweet design. I love the colors used here. I’ve long wanted to try some of the DMC variations and this chart uses 3 different skeins. I think this 35ct ivory linen will be right for the project. I will be adding this to my Blog Projects Page shortly.

Another Little House Dear Diary reworked. Still a bit of a tea theme, the original design depicts a locale that drinks sweet tea often. I’m changing this to honor another Jane Austen favorite like I did this one.

The bigger boys are getting packed up to fly to Aunt Janet’s in the morning (early). Hair cuts were desperately needed. See before and after photos here :0)

Finally – thank you for the tremendous response to the Summer Inventory Sale at the webshop. The sale continues through Monday. I have a big stack of charts that will be added yet!


8 thoughts on “sweet tea!

  1. Wow, it’s like two diffent boys, lol! What a kind thing for Barbara to do, it’s a lovely bag and how nice to add to a growing tea collection. I like your new project! I’m still pinching myself over your amazing package. πŸ™‚ I’ll blog about it this weekend. (Hugs)
    p.s. Can’t wait to see a bigger picture of the Dear Diary series re-worked.

  2. Mary Kathyryn, my son looks just like your before picture of your boys. When I give my son a haircut, he still looks about like your before picture of your boys! lol! He refuses to cut his hair to that nice, short style. Oh well. Loved seeing the before and afters! And the other lovely pictures in your post of course!

  3. That is precious! It’s my Mom’s design – one of her freebies. May I add the picture to her website? I’d give credit of course. She wants me to redo her website and I thought this might be nice to add. So pretty!!!


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