very big project(s)

a big project c

a big project a

a bog project b

I have made a very long list of things I need/hope to accomplish while the 3 older kids are away. One is a major reorganization of rooms here. Some bedroom switches and office moves. It is a big project! My workroom isn’t moving but is gaining some new features. I began moving things around last night and came across a few unfinished projects, I should put these in my stitching basket so they get some attention.

Some new things that I’m gaining – a very large shelf unit, a literature box (for web shop orders) and a new sewing machine!!

What must you have when you get a new sewing machine….new fabric of course, and a new cutting mat. I wanted a big one, here is Yzma helping to provide scale for this picture. One of the things on my ‘want’ to do list this week is to finish one quilt and piece another.

The webshop sale continues. I will be adding the last of the sale things later tonight. Sale ends at 11:59 pm Monday night. Save lots on shipping & on Belle Soie Silks.


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