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These beautiful squares arrived today from Sandra! They are so sweet. I love the way she sewed them into gift-wrap packages. Thank you Sandra for these beautiful squares! My stitching has been for Sandra, so nothing to share here yet.

Earlier today I picked up some more pretty fabric – I love these soft rose prints. I have been to 7 quilt shops in the past 4 days, I did not have enough of the light fabric I’m using around the blocks on my Lazy Girl’s Jane Austen Quilt (at least that is what I’ve named it). It doesn’t look like a special color but there are many colors of off white and I finally found a shop today that had a (nearly) matching color. I have done all this driving in 95+ degree weather with NO air conditioning in my car. It is a good thing that it goes in for repairs tomorrow – that will keep me out of the quilt shops – oy! My new sewing machine is going to have a very warm welcome!


PS – Current reports from the kids in Michigan include, tubing, the blob, and dinner with grandparents. Aunt Janet lives on the lake and my parents and Jerry’s parents live in the same town. They have all mentioned how much they love the Food Network. We got rid of television almost 4 years ago – so my kids are enjoying some time with satellite tv as a rare treat too.

8 thoughts on “pretty & progress

  1. Well, I don’t think I could live without the Food Network – love that channel!

    The quilt is so dainty – love the colors and the fabrics, how they blend together.

    Nice squares!

  2. These fabrics are so lovely and the squares so sweet!
    Hhhmmm, 7 quilting shops in 4 days without air conditioning…Oh, how I know the feeling! Our craft passions make us do such “extreme exploits”! It is the “creative fire” that call us! 😉

  3. Beautiful squares and a beautiful quilt too! Good luck with your big projects. Unfortnately, I can’t live without tv-so I can’t even begin to imagine 🙂

  4. Such beautiful fabrics!! Oh my goodness I just adore them all. It is going to be one amazing quilt.
    Your stitching gift is also beautiful. – What a special treat.
    I’m sorry to hear that you have no air conditioning at home or in the car. I’m a big baby and I would be whining all day. No, I’d be at the mall. LOL.
    Glad to hear the kids are having a great time and enjoying Food TV. I so enjoy that channel. I wish I could cut out television, but I’m a news junkie and I don’t know how I could do it.

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