squares 2

squares 4

square 6

squares 5


These wonderful squares arrived from Lei. She is my partner for Round #8 at the Fair & Square exchange. Thank you Lei! I need to get back to my friendship square project – maybe this week.

I’ve been using up some of my charm pack stash while trying out the new machine. I’m really happy with it. None of these projects have been ironed – it’s too darned hot! It says 100 degrees today – I believe it.

I took this last photo yesterday evening. Can you make out the rainbow coming down the center of the photo? It keeps looking like it might rain but it’s just virga.

13 thoughts on “squares

  1. Such a cute heart stitching. I love the colors in it.
    Your quilts are so beautiful. I so enjoy seeing photos of your
    What a beautiful photo. I noticed the rainbow right away. I always think of God’s promises when I see them.

  2. The quilting is lovely. That is something I want to do for myself. Your kitten is really growing and so cute. I saw the rainbow as soon as the picture appeared. It is beautiful!

  3. The squares are gorgeous, the rainbow is awesome and your quilt projects are outstanding. I wish I could take a charm pack and have it turn out so good — I am fixing to start a project with one so we will see how it works out! Lovely photos!

  4. love the rainbow and the quilt!

    I really love Rocky mountain Wednesdays- great dramatic pictures.

    I keep meaning to quilt but need to make room. I love jelly rolls.


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