last quiet day

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The kids fly home tomorrow. Perhaps my ‘to do’ list was a bit ambitious especially right after such a great sale at the webshop. I’ve barely taken a minute to stitch, but have enjoyed packing everyone’s new stash ;0) I have done a lot of the room moving but there are still lots of things that need a new place to be here.

I did make a teeny bit of progress on In the Garden with Jane Austen. I’ve shopped for frames and I’m thinking about leaving off the fence at the bottom. I’ve purchased the DMC I need to finish the bird on the left three times – I don’t know where I keep putting it! I’m thinking about a white cottagey type frame. I had a gold fancy one in my hand yesterday but changed my mind at the register.

I’m toying with the idea of stitching up Tanya’s latest complimentary chart as a monochrome and making a pillow with this fun beachy fabric I found (In the Garden & the Emily Dickinson Sampler are her designs too).

last a

last b


Some new linens and wools came in yesterday – very nice. I’m wondering if there is an interest in smaller bundles of the Weeks Wool like this – great for pincushion bottoms and pillow backs – anyone have an opinion?

I’ve just updated the webshop for preorders of the newest from Little House. They are on their way to me today!!!


12 thoughts on “last quiet day

  1. I like your idea to do the freebie with one color and love that Pacific Blue. The way you have packaged the wool is darling! Can’t wait to see your In the Garden framed. I hope you enjoy your last quiet day.

  2. Wow! Look how great the picture of the wool and the picture of “Queen Bee” look together. I could definitely see that design being finished with the wool in some way. The colors all match perfectly!

  3. In the Garden with Jane Austen is so pretty. I printed it out from GOS yesterday as I have the urge to start it but just not sure when! Lots I want to stitch but I need to finish one of my bigger pieces first!

    I love the look of those new linens.

  4. Nice progress, Mary Kathryn. I think wool packs would be great for smaller projects. Maybe you could do color coordinated packs ie Blues, Greens, Fall Colors, Christmas, etc. I hope you fare will today w/o your specs!

    Valerie from CT

  5. I love the idea for the small bundles of wool. They’d be great for smaller items and I know I have a bunch of small wool applique pillows in mind. It’s always hard to find lots of colors and I think this is a great idea 🙂

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