Rocky Mountain Wednesdays






This will be short – I’ve broken my glasses (no spare unfortunately) so my face is about an inch from the screen as I type this. Jerry it taking me in the morning for new ones! In the meantime no reading, stitching, cooking, etc….I can barely walk through my own house without them. We had one failed glue attempt which lasted about long enough for me to pack orders and re-thread my serger which would not be possible without.

I had some help choosing these photos from the archives. I hope they are refreshing, we have finally had a break in the weather here!

Kids are home from their travels and quite worn out – in a good way. I’m amazingly worn out myself from not being able to see all day.


16 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

  1. No glasses -what a nuisance, I know how you feel as I would be just the same without Hope your new ones arrive soon.
    Love the pics as always

  2. The pictures are beautiful.

    I know that very well, to be without glasses. I broke my glasses once during holiday in mountains. It took me a whole day and two opticians to replace them, lol. First I thought to live in an dangerous place with lots of impediments. And when I got my glasses back it was like “a fishlet in a glass bowl” :-)) It took me a few hours to accomodate my sight back to the glasses.

  3. bonjour, je ne parle point l’anglais mais superbe blog, des broderies qui nous font raler car nous n’en trouvons point comme les votres et superbe paysage continuer à nous faire rêver à bientôt bonne journée. LA FRANCE

  4. I look forward to Wednesdays just to see your pictures of the Rockies. They make me want to head out West! Hope your glasses get fixed quickly.

  5. So sorry about your glasses… I’m in a blurr without mine and it is very tiring and bad for my head (aches) too.
    I hope you get a new pair asap.
    As always, the Rocky Mountains pics are amazing.
    Take care,

  6. Hi Mary Kathryn!
    i have chosen you for Brillante Weblog Award as i find your work inspiring and love visiting your blog, especially love those scenic Rocky Mountains pics you took, they are beautiful shots. Do check it out at my blog:)

  7. So sorry to hear about the glasses. I’m sure that it lead to quite a frustrating day. So happy to hear the kids had fun and are home safe and sound.
    I love your photos. The top one is so beautiful that I could blow it up and frame it and stare at it for hours.
    Enjoy glasses shopping tomorrow!

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