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honors 2


Thank you for all your sympathy regarding my poor glasses. They are temporarily stuck together with some horrible looking and smelling goo and will be replaced with a new pair of bifocals in a few days. I hope I will like them!

A slight change in the fabric choice for this project. I pulled out the bit I had left from
Tanya’s Miranda Mermaid. I think I’ll use this instead of the pretty starfish fabric I first intended to use.  It matches the thread a bit better and the other was a bit too turquoise.

A bit of new stash, I added this sweet new design to my stash and webshop.
webshop – Heart and Hand by Willow Hill Samplings. The colors are very pretty.

I’ve been honored by two blog awards. The first came from Jessie in Malaysia. For some reason my computer won’t let me save the image of the Brillante Weblog Award and freezes up when I try to do it. I do thank you very much for this honor Jessie!

The second award was given by Paula.  Another honor I truly appreciate. Thank you Paula.

I could see as I visited the blogs I regularly read that many, even most of you have been previously honored so I won’t be listing any specific blogs to pass these awards on to, but instead I’ll dedicate both awards to those who continue to update their blogs on a regular basis for the enjoyment of your readers – it is always great to see new posts and I know that keeping up when life gets busy is no small thing – Thank you!!

I apologize for not keeping with the tradition of passing these on and a specific manner – I hope I’ll be forgiven.


11 thoughts on “honors

  1. Hi…

    nice x-sttichings and quilts you have here..

    I have stopped doing x-sttiching for sometime due to my craze with ribbon embroidery. Do visit my blog…

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