all kitted up!

all kitted up a

all kitted up b

all kitted up c

I was up VERY early this morning. By the time the sun was coming up I had kitted up a few projects – like I don’t have enough waiting to be stitched :0)

I love the threads for The Sampler Girl’s Emily Dickinson Sampler, they look great with the WDW Parchment Linen. This little kit from Kreinik just needed linen, all the threads come in this little case with the design – the silks are yummy! I have these kits on order for the webshop.

The All Dolled Up series from Little House Needleworks are sweet! I can’t decide which to stitch first. I’m including free beads with Strawberry House and have kits for the rest available here. If you mention my blog when you order – I’ll include free beads with the other designs also (JABC buttons not included).

It was another 90+ degree day and here is the outlook for the rest of the week –


Not to be a baby but have I mentioned that I don’t have air in my house OR my car (long story)!! Okay, I’m a baby.


6 thoughts on “all kitted up!

  1. It’s hard to believe it could get so hot where you are! We rarely see temps in the 100’s here in western New York, although low 90’s show up at our home more frequently than the weather man admits.

    The Kreinik kit looks like fun and I love the threads! Can’t wait to see that one finished.

  2. You just don’t know how thrilled I am to read that those Kreinik milkpaint samplers will be in your shop… Count me in! Lol!!!
    Oh, and just a big thank you: I have received all my orders and they’re here all safe and sooo beautiful. I just don’t know which one to pick first… The New England Sampler is amazing.
    Can’t wait to see your Emily Dickinson sampler.
    Thanks for enchanting us with beauty. Lately, life has been very hard on my family(see my blog if you wish) and your blog is a haven.
    Take care,

  3. Oh I love that Parchment linen!!! Nice – eager to see your Emily on it.

    You don’t have air in the house OR car? How do you stitch in such heat? I assume you have fans all over the house?! I went outside to fill the birdfeeder and water the flowers about 2 hours ago and just can’t imagine the house not being an icebox on my return. Hope your air gets working again soon!!!


  4. I know you have to be really roasting with no air and such horrid temperatures. Hope you are finding someway to stay cool.

    LOVE how you did Tanya’s sea-bathing design. Great idea!

  5. Goodness, you’re not a baby at all. Anything over 85 and I’d be catatonic. =) I’d say you’re doing quite well, all things considering. Heh.

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