guess what?

snow b

snow a

A tiny break in the clouds this morning revealed new snow on the mountains!!

more later…


snow c

snow d

I’ve tried to get a few more (sunnier) pictures of the snow but the clouds are hovering. Maybe tomorrow – I get so excited when we get this first snow at the end of summer!

The new Little Women Gardening thread packs are here, beautiful harvest colors!! Also there are some new designs coming out from both Little House & Country Cottage.

Finally, a little progress picture of this weekend’s stitching.


16 thoughts on “guess what?

  1. It was 46 degrees here in the Wasatch when Mom and I went onto the balcony to watch the balloon festival. Feels like fall has fell!

  2. Such amazing photos!!! How beautiful are those mountains.
    Oh my goodness both of the new designs (LHN & CCN) are just beautiful.
    Your stitching, as always, is simply lovely.

  3. hiya i cant believe that that is your view. it is so gorgeous.. sunny or cloudy they are lovely. Love the stitching just beautiful particularly like that saying.

  4. Hi Mary Kathryn,
    Wow! Look how much you’ve done already on Tanya’s design. I absolutely love it and wanted to let you know I received my chart and threads today 🙂
    Thanks so much for the freebies too.
    As always wonderful service!

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