Beyond My Heart!

beyond b

beyond a

Just In – Loose Feathers #32!!!

Love the colors and that bonus chart:0)

Details here.

Happy Stitching!

9 thoughts on “Beyond My Heart!

  1. Mary Kathryn, these are beautiful. Guess I am going to have to break down and purchase them! Wonder where I can get them!

  2. This design is just beautiful! I haven’t stitched any of the loose feathers, but I just may have to put these on my gotta buy when the funds are better list. LOL. Thanks for sharing the photo.

  3. Sorry to hear about the family crisis you had recently. I hope all is better now.

    Your French Lavender pillow is gorgeous!!! I can’t wait to see your other lavender pillow once you finish it as well (from Country Cottage or Little House). Beautiful!

    Your weekend stitching looks great!

  4. Wow this is so beautiful design!
    I love it and after I settled down (will have to move…), I will purchase it!
    Bornus chart is also very gorgeous!

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