dear diary, a little finish…




I’ve completed another LHN Dear Diary design, this one is in honor of Laura Ingalls Wilder and has the year of her birth. Jerry has been working not too far from her home in Mansfield, Missouri for over a month now – he is on his way home as I type this – I’m SO glad!

I’ve started another Dear Diary and I’m almost done with another Jane Austen Sampler (Return to the Sea by The Sampler Girl) so I will have yet another finish to pin to my quilt of JA samplers waiting for frames….


29 thoughts on “dear diary, a little finish…

  1. What a wonderful finish Mary Kathryn…I love how you are doing authors for the Dear Diary Series…I adore Laura Ingalls Wilder and may have to steal your idea for my Dear Diary Sampler…that I plan to get back to post haste since my exchanges have all been completed now!

  2. Being a huge Laura Ingalls Wilder fan I would like to say big congrats on a super duper lovely, wonderful finish! I love it!
    Seeing the books I will have to take mine out for a quick reread…I think there are some I need to add to my collection as well!

  3. I love your latest Dear Diary and the JA pieces are just fabulous. I feel so inspired when I see the lovely things on your blog- thankyou

  4. mary kathryn, I absolutely LOVE this one!!! Another one that I hope to someday “borrow” the idea for (if that is okay with you of course). The Little House books and television show have always been a favorite of mine. Your Jane Austen pieces are moving right along as well. I hope to have a Jane Austen wall someday and you are my inspiration.

  5. I love how you are doing this Dear Diary series. Can I steal your ideas? I love all the Little House books and may have to reread them again. Also love how you have done Tanya’s design.

  6. LOVE IT!!! A while back when you mentioned you were doing another one of the Dear Diary pieces, but for a different author Laura Ingalls Wilder’s name actually popped into my head! How crazy is that?!!! 🙂 I have always been a huge fan of her books and the tv show. I actually played her in a play one time when I was about 12.

    Your By The Sea looks so lovely!

  7. This is WONDERFUL. And it really hits home, as I still love watching Little House on the Prairie. Can’t wait for Rowen to get old enough to enjoy the books … they set my imagination on fire as a little girl!

  8. Mary Kathryn … another wonderful finish. I really love all of your literary work. It is inspirational to the book worm in me :). Great job, as usual!

  9. I just love your Ingalls sampler,Is this your own or is there a place I could order this one???
    I am a huge Little House fan and have all their seasons and watch over and over.
    Great job.

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