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It has been so nice having Jerry home after more than a month with him gone. We have been able to have a dinner for two and a long mountain drive for three (Ethan was along). I apologize for being away from my computer most of this weekend to those who may have been trying to reach me.

I took this picture of the clouds at sunset from the back porch and then wondered over to see the sunflower that I didn’t plant which is about to bloom (with a yucky bug on it). I snapped a few more pictures while running back inside with mosquitoes chasing me – I really was running, and waving my arms like a crazy lady! I’m glad it is almost dark in these pictures, my rose bushes are in desperate need of pruning (well, you can still see how bad they are, but you can see how many blooms I’ve had too)!

I’ve been nominated for a bunch of awards is seems – thank you so much, I’ll have to blog about that later.

Off to spend a bit more time with my sweetie!


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