more for the JA wall

JA samp a

JA samp b

JA samp c

JA samp d

First I want to say THANK YOU so very much for all of the awards you have honored me with this past weekend. I’m going to break the rules because I’d have to make 42 nominations at this point, and instead encourage stitchers who are thinking about blogging or starting an online album to share their work to go ahead and DO IT! There is a wonderful community of stitchers on the internet who will warmly welcome you! Please believe I am very honored that you visit my blog and more so that you would take the time to give me an award.

Another JA finish – Return to the Sea with Jane Austen.Β Β  These are all from the Sampler Girl. (I’ve also stitched this one and this one by Tanya too! Oh and I almost forgot I stitched the model of this one.)

I’m part of Tanya’s Jane Austen Stitching Group over at Yahoo where we are getting ready for a SAL of Mansfield Park. You are welcome to join the fun!


PS – I do carry the Olde Willow Stitchery Threads for Tanya’s samplers. Please email me for information.

PPS- That is Les Dentelles Su, the other Lavender Pillow is Little House Needleworks Lavender Hill.

PPPS- Heidi, I’m thinking of making my Dear Diary finishes into pillows to tuck into the bookcase.

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