just one more day…

one more day


Hope you had a lovely long weekend! I took lots of photos of our day in Grand Lake (and the trip there), I’ll share a few more on Wednesday, I keep thinking ‘just one more day…’.

The kids have been urging ‘just one more day’ but we are officially starting school Tuesday, September 2nd. This begins our 16th year of homeschooling and also marks Ethan officially being ‘in school’ here at home. I thought this Dear Diary design from Little House made a perfect keepsake for our school, it would also be a nice first day of school sampler for a child or grandchild.

One thing I will extend just one more day is the .99 shipping sale at the webshop ($1.49 international).


Spring Cleaning

8 thoughts on “just one more day…

  1. Love the Dear Diary!! Great job! Did you change the font size? I can read it now! It has been way too small for me to read in the past! Thanks! I do enjoy your blog!

  2. I LOVE the way you finished this LHN design. Having been a homeschooling mom for 10 years, this would have looked great hanging in our own office/school room/computer room 🙂

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