new things

some new things a

I’m gathering up more charts for my Me, Myself & I round robin, which isn’t a round robin at all but will hopefully turn out to look something like one – you can find out more about the concept here

some new things b

Kitted up a new project – I really like this design, I’m changing the colors slightly.

some new things c

I made a little start on part 3 of 2008 Loose Feathers Mystery Design, I’m not going to do parts 1 and 2 but I did stitch this on a cut of fabric that has room for parts 4 and 5 if I want to continue.

some new things d

A happy box from Amazon came in the mail. I will have almost 2 hours of blessed alone time Wednesday afternoons starting next week, I thought I might spend some of that time reading.

some new things e

some new things f

Two new items coming later this month from Kelmscott Designs – very nice!


8 thoughts on “new things

  1. Oh! Ngaio Marsh! I love her books!! They have some excellent audio editions on Audible, too, if you’re ever looking for audio books to listen to while stitching!…

    Have you watched Cranford yet? It seems as if it would be a movie to your tastes. It’s good. But the book is oh-so-much better.

    Daniel Deronda is very … sad.

    I hope you enjoy your reading time! There’s nothing better than a quiet afternoon for reading.

  2. I love your start on part 3 of the LF mystery sampler. I think I’m going to stitch the whole thing but just not sure when I’ll get around to it!

    Those scissors are so pretty.

  3. That MM&I RR sounds like fun! I see you’ve selected some great charts for your neighborhood. I was just reading the description from their website and saw the mention of building your own Christmas Town. That certainly got my attention 🙂
    ~ Joanne

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