Rocky Mountain Wednesdays





Today was the big day for 2 whole afternoon hours (or nearly) to myself! I started the day (before dropping off the boys) by buying a new pair of shoes! By 4:30 I had giant blisters :0( I’ve been wearing slip on sandals all summer, my poor heels are screaming with pain!

These pictures aren’t the best – I used up almost all my ‘alone’ time walking to the bookshop (where I bought a book) and reading by the river while sipping my pumpkin spice latte -I took the Riverwalk from the book shop to Starbucks and stopped halfway back to read a while (this book). I nearly forgot all about taking photos for today’s post, so these were taken quickly on the way to pick up the boys from their afternoon activity. I’ll try to take pictures first next week!

You can see a bit of weather in moving in – blue skies to the east but it looks a bit nasty to the west!

Here is the Riverwalk web cam.


5 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

  1. Those look like comfortable shoes! I wear flip flop type shoes all summer and still can’t seem to get back into ‘real’ shoes yet. Maybe when the weather turns more cool then I’ll have to and be done with it. LOL

    Great pics!

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