BIG project

big d

big c

big b

big a

I did a little more work on my giant DMC color houses project. I’m stitching one little house for each color (using the DMC color cards as my key). This little pillow I made at least 18 years ago is my inspiration. This was a design in a For the Love of Cross Stitch magazine if I remember correctly.

New colors from Carrie’s threads – Yummy!

I’ve finished a pot of tea and need to get working – bye for now.


PS – Great new designs coming later this month from Little House Needleworks, reservation now being taken ;0)

PPS – I don’t know what a basket waxer is either – aside from the obvious but I’m not planning to rub any of my baskets with it!

15 thoughts on “BIG project

  1. Oh my goodness! Are you stitching one house for all of the DMC numbers???? It’s beautiful and such an awesome idea but I would have been bored by the 4 or 5 house 😉

  2. Mary Kathryn –

    I think that your basket waxer is actually beeswax molded into the shape of a basket of flowers. When I first learned to sew we ran our thread over beeswax to prevent it from tangling. I know that some quilters who piece by hand still do this.


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