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The tiny bit of time I’ve had for stitching has been for exchanges so not much to show you yet – I did finish stitching this future pincushion (for me) from Blackbird Designs Loose Feathers chart Autumn Song. You can see I have my ground walnut shells ready for action!

I’ve been hitting the quilt shops in search of something I need and a few tiny things have come home with me. This cute little red & white embroidered pillow was so cute and priced so incredibly low that I couldn’t pass it up. Yet another charm pack that I thought would make a great table runner with a bit of fun trim on the ends. Some wools (mentioned Wednesday), I love these little hand-dyed swatches, they will be perfect for pincushions and ornaments and this yarn was just the color for knitting a little sock for my MP3 player.

Ethan decided he wanted to help me work today, so here he is hard at work designing new scissor fobs and enjoying a DVD. (The destroyer of scissor fobs has been reformed.)


12 thoughts on “weekending

  1. How funny, Mary Kathryn, that BBD pincushion is just what I have been working on, too! I’m about half way and I don’t have ground walnut shells yet. Your other finds are fun and Ethan looks like a great helper!

  2. Beautiful – LOVE the BBD pincushion. Do you purchase or make the ground walnut shells?

    Your pictures are always so beautifully staged – it’s like they belong in a magazine! I’m going to aspire to do something prettier with my blog pics. (c:

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