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“Whiskers on kittens…” and all that – here are some photos I’ve taken since Saturday night.

Amber brought home a little somebody – this is Ophelia. She is 6 weeks old and is actually a sister of sorts to Yzma. (Same mom and dad cats, different litter.) I was sure to photograph her with something we all recognize for scale :0) She is a little sweetie pie, very affectionate. Jerry’s response was one raised eyebrow (very raised) – he wasn’t too sure about one cat.

I cut this rose from my back yard, it really is a beauty and smells wonderful. As I was out cutting flowers this bright, bright rainbow caught my eye so I ran for the camera, this picture doesn’t show how vivid the colors were.

A little bit of stitching. I love realistic bird designs, this one is by Janet Powers. There are a few others by her that I’d like to stitch.

Yzma is feeling affronted over the whole ‘Ophelia thing’. I trust she will get over it eventually. Until then I think she plans to ignore everyone. (I hope you will ignore my dirty window!)


PS – the ground walnut shells came from Petsmart.

15 thoughts on “favorite things

  1. I love the little bit of floss showing by Ophelia – she is a cutie! I’m sure Yzma will recover her pride 🙂 Love this collection of photos with the rose, rainbow and birdie – favorite things indeed!

  2. She is so beautiful and so is your rose. I can almost smell it. A rainbow just cannot be captured in it’s full beauty. You just have to be there.
    You lost me on the ground walnut shells! LOL… I could not find them in the pics. : )

  3. I really ignored you windows, if you haven’t mentioned I will neither see it. The cats are simply marvelous, and the Janett Power also. I find you from le crocette della manu and forwad. I’m Loredana from Peroj in Croatia. Still not with blog, because my pc is one dinosaur of 8 years. It will be change in the next future. If you wish we can start with emailing. Thanks Loredana Peroj Istria, Croatia.

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