oooooh, what kind of pies?

ap a

(Quoting a line from a favorite movie – Chicken Run)

A quick little finish from The Sampler Girl’s In the Kitchen with Jane Austen. This is stitched using Crescent Colours (my own conversion) on 40ct lambswool linen. I used 1 strand of floss over 2 threads. It fits in a 4×6 frame this way.

New things that are now shipping (and being completely adored by me)…

ap b

ap c

ap d

The girls are getting along a bit better, Ophelia is about to fall asleep in this picture.

ap e

The Online Needlework show is still in progress, let me know if I can help you shop the show.


9 thoughts on “oooooh, what kind of pies?

  1. Oh Mary Kathryn!
    I absolutely love what you did with this design – soooooo pretty! Those kitties are precious – must make for an extra fun household.

    Tanya, who loves, and owns, the movie, CHICKEN RUN!!!

  2. You may have inspired me to stitch In the Kitchen on 40 ct! I was thinking of doing it over 1 as I thought it might be sweet tiny … great minds! Can’t wait for my new LHN to come. 🙂

  3. It looks so sweet! Not only do I love Jane Austen, but Chicken Run is a GREAT movie!

    The paisley fabric is lovely!

    Love the new charts!

    The kitties are so cute. Especially the little one struggling so hard to stay awake! 🙂

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