Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

rmw 101e

rmw 101g

rmw 101c

*rmw 101b

rmw 101a

rmw 101d

The aspens are amazing! Jerry and I actually got out for a hike today. This is the time of year I miss our old house the most. These pictures were taken about a mile from our old house, the photo with a * above it is approximately my old kitchen window view (taken from the road today, not from my old kitchen).

We heard bugling elk and had a wonderful time just being together on a beautiful fall day.


PS – thank you for the wonderful response to the Pink Page and 2008 Pinkeep and I wanted to let you know the Gingher Roberta Scissors have arrived!!

PPS – Linda, the snow has melted away again and Trail Ridge is still open – well reopened- it has been closed a few times but not for the season yet.

PPPS – Monique,  Ophelia is napping in my fabric scrap basket, I do think there is a strip of Antique White Belfast too narrow for stitching in there :0)

11 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

  1. I so adore your Rocky Mountain Wednesdays. The natural beauty surrounding your home is simply breathtaking. I always sigh and think, God is Good! when I see your photos. I cannot believe that you could see such beauty from your kitchen. Thanks for sharing.


  2. beautiful pictures. Those Aspens are amazing this time of year. Looks like you guys had a GREAT hike. And I love the Elk peering through the trees.
    Take Care


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