gingher 004

gingher 003

gingher 002

gingher 005

I’m surprised the battery in my camera lasted long enough to take any pictures – so these aren’t fancy!

Two sets of wonderful squares have been received. The Halloween set are from Kathy (do you think of Yzma when you see these?) and the very pretty heart set stitched in yummy Belle Soie is from Michelle. I have so many wonderful squares for my friendship basket – I really need to get them finished.

I’m loving these new scissors. If you are shopping for a pair I have them at the webshop and ready to ship!

One of my stitching groups is doing a Stacy Nash Primitives SAL for October. Here is my little start on Two Old Crows.


6 thoughts on “treasures

  1. Those squares are lovely Mary Kathryn.

    Love those Gingher Scissors!

    The RMW photos in your previous post are stunning! It must be wonderful live in such a beautiful area.

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