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refinish c

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refinish d

refinish e

I’ve fiddled around with the Support pinkeep and decided it was the ribbon that I wasn’t liking. it think the green was too dark, I tried a more light/limey green but in the end the pink was the right one. For those of you who have already ordered, I’ll send along both ribbon colors, for new orders (after 10/3/08) Pink will be sent unless you email me and request the green. I hope that works for everyone.

I did finish some of the squares (Fair & Square) as little bean bag/pincushions using the ground walnut shell filler (love it). I’ve started to make tassels for these but sort of like the way they look without, I’ll dress up a few and then decide.

My microwave died a sizzling popping and a little bit scary (I was standing right in front of it) death about a month ago. I really missed my microwave – I guess I didn’t realize how often I used it til it was gone. I’m getting used to the new one, it is the same brand and size but quite a bit different.


6 thoughts on “(re)finish

  1. The pink really is quite lovely, even though green is my favorite color. 🙂

    Our microwave is dying in slow motion. It pops and fizzles sometimes, and the ON button frequently doesn’t work. We’re hoping it will hold on a bit longer. LOL!

  2. I love your work and your shop. You are my hero. Look at my blog for your award. PS… everyday at work I stop for a couple of minutes and read your blog. Thank for the enjoyment you provide my busy day at work.

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