this past week I…

last week c

Made a little cushion for my needleminder (the magnets are both outside the fabric front and back) it is filled with ground walnut shells…
last week d

…had only a teeny bit of time for stitching (LHN Gardening thread pack)…

last week a

…cut the rest of the lavender in the back garden…

last week b

…admired the autumn view in my back garden…

last week e

and saved Yzma from Ophelia (Yzma’s pouf behind a barricade in my workroom doorway).


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9 thoughts on “this past week I…

  1. what a neat idea for your needleminder! I have a few and they are just stuck in my work tray. seems like such a waste…I think I may have to make a few of these little pillows! Thanks for another very creative idea!

  2. Mary Kathryn
    What a beautiful selection of photographs you have for us today. I’m sorry I don’t always have time to comment but, not many days go by without me feasting my eyes on your charming and very enjoyable blog.
    I love the little needle minder cushion and the fabric is absolutely gorgeous. Each time I see your fabric choices I just melt :>) This is especially pretty with the cameo needleminder nestling on it. (If ever you decided to make these to sell, reserve one for me :>)) The view from your garden is delightful and your lavender will, no doubt, be scenting some very pretty little sachets :>)
    Hugs, Angela

  3. What is that one that says ‘LHN Garden thread packet’? Is there anywhere that I can see that pattern done? I looked on LHN but didn’t see it:) Thanks

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