finish, a birthday, and more pink!

es day c

es day a

es day b

I finished up the Quaker Sampler from Barbara Ana. I started this quite a while ago but accidentally scorched it. I just put it away in a bureau drawer. I decided to see if I could live with the scorch mark and finished it up. Luckily the stitching covered the worst of it. I’m on the lookout for a frame now – I’m glad I decided to finish this.

I’ve kitted up Prudence Miller from Stacy Nash Primitives (changed the colors a bit a switched to NPI silks) I’ve re-charted this a little to be another Jane Austen Sampler – this one for my living room.

Ethan is 6 today! His sister is making cupcakes and we’ve already gone and returned the new clothes that were too big. He is at a funny size right now. 4T pants are too short but 5Ts are too big all over. I bought some size 6x shirts (I like shirts to be big on the boys), I had to roll up the sleeves and they come halfway to his knees…sorry I ramble…


Now for the pink of this post. I’m crazy about these new Country Cottage charts that will be coming next week Peppermint Lane & The Nutcracker!! SO SWEET! I’m taking reservations for these as well. Time for more Nerf darts!


PS – The winner of the pincushion will be announced on tomorrow’s post, also I’ve had a bit of a stashing fit which I’ll confess in my next post as well!

11 thoughts on “finish, a birthday, and more pink!

  1. Happy birthday to Ethan!
    I am constantly experiencing that too short or too big size with my 8 year old daughter…
    Your Quaker sampler is amazing!

  2. The Quaker Sampler turned out nice, I can’t see where it might have been scorched. I must have those CCN designs !

    Happy Birthday Ethan !!!

  3. Happy Birthday Ethan!
    Your sampler turned out just beautiful. It looks so delicate – I love it! I can’t wait to see it framed.
    I’m so excited to see this new project of yours. Those colors are amazing. I can’t wait to see them stitched on the fabric – I already feel their beauty.
    OH my those CCN designs are just too precious for words. Oh the temptations are strong. Yikes!

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