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A random set of pictures of 1. Some new stash, 2. one sleeping kitty and her sidekick (or a sleeping kitty and one kicking her side), 3. brussels sprouts at the farmer’s market, 4. more new stash, 5. Lego cupcakes for Ethan’s birthday made by Amber, 6. even more new stash.

It was very warm today, almost hot while I was shopping at the 2nd to last farmer’s market of the season.  I did not buy brussels sprouts (no one but me would have showed up for that meal).  I did buy eggplant, squash (5 kinds), some potatoes & carrots (which are in the crockpot with a roast as I type this), and some kettle corn for my sidekick Ethan. 

As I mentioned, I have a bit of new stash to confess, this should keep me busy for a while!

And the winner of the tiny pincushion is Katy!  (chosen by the random integer generator).  Please email me Katy when you have a moment!  Thank you all for entering the drawing – I have lots of cupcakes left and 1/2 a chocolate cake, wish you could stop by for some.


14 thoughts on “random things

  1. Love your stash! Isn’t it fun to go through? I like pulling things out of my stash and just studying what they are like. Of course, if I have the fabrics and fibers, it’s even better! Love to run those fibers through my hands.

  2. Where to begin!? That fabric is absolutely beautiful! Why can’t I find beautiful fabrics like that? Dang! If those kitties get any cuter!! My girlfriend in Houston is in LOVE with them. LOL. So much stash – so much fun. LOVE all the photos.

  3. I love the kitties. I love the stash but I love the kitties more. The cupcakes are cool but I have to tell you — I would have eaten those brussels sprouts — one of my favorites!

  4. Lovely fabric cute kitties, yummy sprouts and cakes And nice charts. I have “snow” it was my first attempt on linen and I stitched most of it twice cos i frogged such a lot

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