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My day started out with a bump but we have moved on…

I’ve wanted to show you these pictures of one of my favorite quilt shops Mountain Prairie Quilts  for a while now. The ladies here are very sweet (sisters) I love how it feels in this shop. They often have little hand made items at ridiculously low prices made by an older sister who can’t quilt anymore – I can never resist these. The fabric for the Support Pinkeep came from this shop.

I took these more than a month ago but realized I didn’t have my memory card in my camera so they were stuck on the internal memory til I found the cord (which was in the camera bag and I swear I looked in that bag 7 times before I saw it there). Ethan was searching for the shop cat, a giant black kitty who wisely hides when we come in the door.

Here is a kit that I recently couldn’t resist while visiting this sweet shop.

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And speaking of sweet, some further stress relief and a lovely award…



Laura J. Perin gave me quite an honor when she nominated my blog for this award. Thank you Laura!! Since this is a quilty post, I’d like to nominate the following wonderful blogs–

Leanne’s House
Fresh Figs


15 thoughts on “quilt shopping

  1. MaryKathryn this shop is delightful! I could spend hours in there just drooling over the fabrics. I love the new project you picked up. I need to find a shop like that around here. I imagine it’s very therapeutic.

  2. What a beautiful shop!! I live in a very small town, we don’t even have a grocery store, but we do have a quilt shop! They also have a cat, Emily Rose. I think it is wonderful that most of the crafters I have come across online have pets!

  3. Although I don’t have the time to do cross stitch too, I certainly enjoy looking at all your lovely stitched projects and that satisfies my cross stitch cravings. Yum!Thanks for the lovely stitching vignettes…and your Rocky Mtn Wednesdays are one of my favorites, too!

  4. i just love finding shops like these they look so calm and peaceful and the people are really nice warm and friendly. it makes me want to spend spend spend lol. cant resist a good bargain. beautiful picts.

  5. Congratulations on this award and I am honored that you passed it on to me. I really appreciate it. The quilt shop is so nice! Good thing that I cannot go there for real as I am on a stash diet. I love the kit you bought. What pretty colors and will give you longings for spring I think.

    Hugs ~

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