Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

rmw 1022b

Suzann tagged me to share 5 things I love about my state. 

Jerry drove up the the Alpine Visitor’s Center in Rocky Mountain Naitonal Park before sunrise earlier this week.  Here are some early morning pictures he took, I’ll use a few of them to share 5 of my favorites (Rocky Mountain National Park is one of my favorite things).
Another thing I love about Colorado – mountains. We have 53 peaks that are 14,000 ft or higher.

rmw 1022c

Snow. In can snow every month of the year here. I have personally seen snow fall in each of the 12 months since moving here twelve and a half years ago.

rmw 1022d

Wildlife!  I have even had some in my house and yard.  When we lived at 10,000 ft elevation elk would eat from my hanging planters and a bear came onto the enclosed front porch.  One night a mama bear and her 2 cubs were right outside our window.  We also saw mountain lion tracks in our yard one day!  I’m pretty sure I took a photo of a golden eagle today!

rmw 1022e

Aspen trees in the fall.  The colors this year have been glorious.

rmw 1022f

rmw 1022a

Well, that is my 5.  If you would like to post something similar about where you live consider yourself tagged.

It’s way past bed time and Ethan is singing Be Thou My Vision as loud as he can from the bedroom – I’d better go have a word.


13 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain Wednesdays

  1. Oh I am so happy I tagged you and you decided to play along. More amazing photos of your state. I cannot wait until I can go to Colorado and see these sights for myself. Thanks!

  2. ::sigh:: I moved up here (Portland, OR) from Boulder and the thing I miss the MOST is the Aspens turning. It’s so hard to describe.

    Thanks for the pictures.

    Michelle (just a lurker!)

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! I couldn’t find five places here that would even come close. Come to think of it, I don’t think I could find one!

  4. I live in Illinois and have a hard time thinking of 5 things to love about this state! Could I pretend to be in CO again & borrow yours? (c: Your pictures are lovely!

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