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NEW!!! A nice box of these arrived today for the webshop! I’d like to start one of these right away – first choice, The Angels Sang but Peppermint Lane is running a very close second.

I realized an error on my ~Prudence Miller~, after I had put several more stitches in counted from my mistake. It will work out fine to leave it but….I had to put it aside for a bit. I stitched on Stacy Nash’s ~1821 Sewing Pocket~, Prudence Miller is being stitch on 32 Country French Linen in Latte and the sewing pocket is on 40ct Lambswool Linen both from Wichelt.

One other new project. I’m hoping to complete a scarf for myself. I like to knit but haven’t done anything fancy. I did knit a sock once but only 1. It was yucky yarn just to see if I could do it (I had learned to knit about 2 months before.) I also have  1 nearly completed mitten somewhere and several dishcloths. Anyhow….here is the wool for my new knitting project.


PS – Little House, Country Cottage, & Stacy Nash charts are all available at the webshop!

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