coffee & a blog (& crafts – various)





(I’m reminded of Mr. Venus {Our Mutual Friend – Dickens})

A blog I’ve enjoyed for a long time is A Sparrow’s Home. The keeper of this blog is a pastor’s wife, a mom, a librarian, and she lives on Prince Edward Island, a place I long to visit. This is a lovely blog to enjoy with a cup of coffee on a quiet morning.

You can see our leaf garland at the window. I used strips of raffia palm and just tied it together. I think it is high enough to keep the cats at bay. We shall see.

My other project – Tea Thyme in the Garden by PrimitiveBetty’s (32 Chantilly CF linen and a fiber I don’t know the name of – I’ll look it up if I have a chance). I’m planning to make a door knob pillow for the back door – I think.

My tiny bit of progress on my wool scarf. I’ve made a little error that I’m not going back to fix. I really have to focus when I’m knitting this – not easily done when there is always so much going on here.


6 thoughts on “coffee & a blog (& crafts – various)

  1. Mary Kathryn, Your leaf garland is lovely! What a wonderful idea! I love Tea Thyme’s colors. You’ve made great progress on it already:)and your wool scarf is moving very quickly and looking so pretty!

    Cindy F./TX

  2. Those leaves are great – what a fun idea!!! Your stitching and knitting looks cozy as does that blog – thanks for the link. How I long for PEI…


  3. The garland is lovely and I love this chart/design too. The colors you’ve chosen for it are amazing and I may just have to beg hubby to let me buy it so I can stitch it exactly like yours. (new decorating going on here)
    I’m going to have to check out the link for the blog too.
    Your scarf is looking wonderful.

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