bees and birds

bird n bee b

(The Sampler Girl  Furnish’d With Bees)

bird n bee c

bird n bees a

I’m thinking of finishing this has as a sort of hanging pinkeep with blue and gold pins on the edge, not in the finishing mood at the moment however. I stitched this on 32 Country French Chantilly Linen using Carrie’s Threads.

Also from the Sampler Girl, two new designs!! I won these (I was so happy) at a little party Tanya hosted on one of her yahoo groups (Stacy Nash Groupies on side bar). Both are sweet designs, I’m hoping to see On the Banks of the Potomac 1783 on my Christmas tree this year which reminds me I really, really meant to have my Lady Washington Sampler hanging on the wall by now.

These two birdwatching buddies spent the entire day in my office window and are now sound asleep on my desk, it’s hard work watching birds on the feeder. We are having a warm fall week in Colorado, tomorrow it is supposed to be 76!


11 thoughts on “bees and birds

  1. I’m so jealous that you’ve already stitched up the bees. I’ve been oogling this chart all day. Congrats on winning those other charts too. Can’t wait to see them all stitched up.

  2. Wow you stitched that up so quickly. Love the cats looking out the window. Our 3 cats do the same thing. They truly enjoy nature and all things that move.
    Roberta in GA

  3. I love how your photos look on your blog. I especially enjoy seeing your work with natural sunlight eluminating throughout your pieces. Your kitties are sooooo cute ~ they are just so eager to get out there and play amongst the birdies…or maybe have a nibble depending on your kitties’ preference. 😀 Excellent work, I must say. I also adore the Little House Needleworks House of a Needleworker (side bar photo). I plan on purchasing that soon.


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